Biotechnology is essential for a sustainable future in aquaculture

Biotechnology is essential for a sustainable future in aquaculture

Even though the consumers and producers are still suspicious about biotechnology, it has a critical role in preserving the sustainable development of global aquaculture.

In the GOAL Conference, took place this week, biotechnology was  the key theme.

The speakers were Vonnie Estes, winner of the 2017 Rosalind Franklin Award for Leadership in Industrial Biotechnology; Larry Feinberg, CEO and co-founder of KnipBio in Massachusetts; Michael Tlusty, University of Massachusetts; and David Tze; CEO of “food from CO2” company NovoNutrients in San Francisco.

According to Estes, biotechnology makes it possible to “develop tools that allow us to feed people in a way that doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment,”

David Tze said that “biotechnology has implications in of a number of areas of outside of just aquafeeds” – for example, sensors in farms or food safety inspections for monitoring contaminants.

“Feeding fish and shrimp is not just about filling their bellies. It’s about focused nutrition,” Wright commented, adding that biotechnology is becoming a necessary tool in developing sustainable and safe aquafeed ingredients that don’t compete with human consumption market streams.

The biotechnology has potential to create premium products for a lower price for eco-friendly and sustainable aquaculture.


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