China is improving its distant-water fishing

China is improving its distant-water fishing

The seafood demand of the Chinese middle class is growing, as it is a valuable protein source. So China seeks improvements on distant-water fishing to feed the demand.

Recently, China has become the world's largest distant-water fishing nation, having one quarter of the world's fishing boats. But the issues come within and the most striking one is the over-exploitation of global marine resources.

"As a producer, China cares about the protection and sustainability of marine resources more than any other countries. It's our livelihood that will suffer a loss if the resources are exhausted," Liu Xinzhong, deputy director of fisheries bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China commented to the Global Times.

It is also reported that now the Chinese companies are removing old boats with modern ones, which are featuring vary of equipments.

Zhan Wei, deputy general manager of Dayangshijia, a distant-water fishing company located in East China's Zhejiang Province, explained that the company has installed an intelligent exploration system on all fishing vessels last year.

The systems sends real-time location data back to prevent accidents and increase production.

"This system helps us measure water temperature and make fishery analysis at any time," Wei said.

"We can detect the real-time water temperature on the surface, the middle layer and the deep layer of the ocean. We can locate what types of fish that can be caught in each area and the changes in production. We can also record on the big platform database to provide guidance and help for future work," Wei said.

As Chinese companies merge with local and small-scale fisheries, Liu Xinzhong said that even more companies are inviting China to establish local bases.

"Many countries are also increasingly willing to invite Chinese companies to establish local fishery bases and participate in the construction of transshipment terminals. The cooperation mode has gradually changed from single-type fishing to full-scale cooperation including processing and breeding," Liu explained.

Source: Global Times China


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