New revolutionary designed Salmon Farm: Havfarm

New revolutionary designed Salmon Farm: Havfarm

A Norwegian Nordlaks aquaculture company is developing Havfarm, a massive sized ship-shaped fish farm to bring revolution for salmon farming in Norway.

New designed farm is planned to operate in 2020, which is 430m in length and capacity to up 10000 tonnes of salmon at a certain time.

Bjarne Johansen, Nordlaks’ Havfarm project manager, said that it’s a grand departure from traditional fish farm designs, which usually consist of a number of floating plastic rings moored to the seafloor to keep nets afloat.

“There are limitations to which locations are suitable for this technology, depending primarily on waves and currents during harsh weather,” says Johansen. “The limitations are both due to considerations for the structural integrity of the farms, but also considering the fish itself and the operation.

“In order to move aquaculture out of the fjords to more exposed locations, we need new technology both able to withstand even tougher weather conditions, and at the same time able to keep the fish and people safe.”

The Havfarm will also focus on propellers that will allow rotation, known as weathervaning. So that its deposit area will increase for waste accumulation of fishing activities; that will lead to reduce stress of its surrounding environment.


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